When the styling of Maison Bompard combines with the ancestral know-how of the weavers of Soieries du Mékong.

Who would have imagined, just a few years ago, that a brand as prestigious and demanding asEric Bompard, would reference Soieries du Mékong?


An exclusive Eric Bompard x Soieries du Mékong collection


An exclusive collection imagined by the artistic direction of Eric Bompard and hand-woven by our weavers, in our Banteay Chhmar workshop: it is the fruit of this collaboration.


In this collection: 5 models of scarves, stoles and squares in silk and cashmere silk, for women and men.


collection d'écharpe et foulard en soie et soie cachemire Eric Bompard x Soieries du Mekong 


We are so proud of our weavers!

In the past, our weft was limited to simple silk patterns. Today we are playing with cashmere, linen, wool and silk yarns.


Social impact: our daily driving force!


But what we are most proud of issocial impact of this project. 


More than 70 weavers are actively participating in this project, and it has truly illuminated their lives and transformed their destinies.


Before joining Soieries du Mékong, most of these women worked hard in the fields, an unstable and difficult job. Soieries du Mekong offers them well-deserved security and social protection.


Discover behind the scenes of this beautiful collaboration in video.



1000 thanks to all those involved in this great project 


This magnificent collaboration with Eric Bompard is an opportunity to thank and pay tribute to all those who have contributed, over the years, to the development of this beautiful project.


Each of them made their contribution, and we want to include you in this magnificent adventure which continues.


Thank you to the “bamboo” volunteers who give 1 to 2 years of their life in the field in Banteay Chmar since 2001 to coordinate production.


Thank you to our stylists and designers who imagine our collections and who thus allow our weavers to grow and improve their skills over the seasons.


Thank you to our “key accounts” (Bally, Caroll, Agnès B, Bensimon, Atelier Particulier, Eric Bompard and all those of tomorrow...) who through their demands for quality push us to give the best of Soieries.


Thank you to our network of volunteers in France who organize private sales and promote the brand.


And of course a big thank you to our wonderful craftswomen and the whole team Children of the Mekong who carry this project in the name of training and empowerment of women.



Do you also want to support us? 

You are a company, visit our page: corporate gifts .

You are an individual, our best ally: word of mouth!


Do not hesitate to contact us👉 contact@soieriesdumekong.com

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