How to take care of your scarf?

Discover our tips for washing your scarf. Because each piece is unique and made with the greatest care, in noble materials, it is important to take care of it!
laver un foulard à la main

Tip #1: Hand wash

Hand washing is recommended to preserve your scarf over time.

To wash your scarf by hand, use cold water and mild soap. Gently swirl your scarf in the bath. Avoid rubbing or twisting.

After a few minutes, rinse your scarf or scarf thoroughly in cold water.

Tip #2: Machine wash

You can also wash your scarf in the machine using the "delicates" or "silk" program at 30 degrees and a special silk detergent.

Be careful with softeners or stain removers which could damage the material.

laver un foulard en machine
séchage d'un foulard

Tip #3: Drying

After washing your scarf, wrap it in an absorbent cloth, then dry it in the open air away from the sun and away from a heat source.

And above all... no tumble dryer!

Tip #4: Ironing

Iron your scarf or scarf before it is completely dry.

Set your iron to minimum temperature. Iron without steam, but using a damp cloth.

Finally, leave your scarf or scarf for a few moments in the open air.

repasser un foulard
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