Refer and receive a reward

How does sponsorship work?

With our sponsorship program, you can share your favorites with your loved ones and offer them a 20% discount to discover the incredible talent of our weavers.
And if they place an order, you'll also receive a 20% discount as a thank you! 😉

⚠️ Your referral can only apply a sponsorship code if they are not already a Soieries du Mékong customer.

I am a sponsor, how does it work?

You would like to sponsor loved ones, here is how to proceed:

  • Go to the “Sponsorship” section: the button is visible at the bottom right on all pages of the site (except the home page).
refer and get reward
  • Click on “I refer friends”.
I sponsor relatives

  • Log in to your Soieries du Mékong account or create an account if you don't already have one.
I connect
  • Once connected, you have the possibility to share a sponsorship link by copying and pasting it then sending it to your loved ones by the means of your choice (message, email, etc.) or by sharing the sponsorship via email or via social networks.
    • copy the link by clicking on the small icon then paste it in a message to your loved ones.
I send the sponsorship link to my loved ones
    • or share the link by email to my loved ones by clicking on “e-mail”, then enter the email address of one or more godchildren in the box then add a message if you wish. Finally click on: “Send e-mail”.
I share the sponsorship via email
I share the sponsorship with my loved ones

If the person you are referring doesn't receive the referral link, remember to tell them to check spam.

  • Once your sponsored child has validated the sponsorship on their side, your sponsorship will be notified as "pending" in your sponsorship area.

my pending sponsorships

When will I receive my promo code?

  • When your referral has made a purchase using your discount code, you will receive an email with your referral code.
I receive my sponsorship code
  • It will also be available in your sponsorship area.
  • It is valid with no minimum purchase and can be used like a classic promo code.

I am a godson, how does it work?

Here's how to take advantage of the referral code:

  • Click on the link sent by your sponsor. You are redirected to the site.
  • Enter your email address and click “Get my reward”.
    get my 20% reward
    • You will then receive an email with your sponsorship code.
    • This code is valid with no minimum purchase and can be used like a classic promo code.

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