Our design team

Find out who is behind our collections: a team of enthusiastic and committed experts serving Soieries du Mékong.
Together, we advance social projects and technical skills.

Martine Leherpeur

(Professor at the French Fashion Institute and iconic figure in the fashion world)

"I have been participating in the Soieries du Mékong adventure for two years. I met beautiful people there, a love of beauty and goodness, honesty and responsibility.

Around co-creation, the entire Design team is passionate about this committed choice of manufacturing products at a human pace with absolute respect for the artisans and their unique know-how.

Finally, Soieries du Mekong is a real plea for a new luxury which today makes terrible sense."

Learn more about Martine here

Martine Leherpeur de Soieries du Mékong
Laurie Lefèvre de Soieries du Mékong

Laurie Lefèvre

(Textile and color designer)

"After textile training at Ensci-les-ateliers, I joined Soieries du Mékong in 2019 as a textile designer. In collaboration with the teams, we determine the collection plans, choice of colors, weaving weave, choice of material mixes. Then, using design software, I create simulations of collections and color variations. After validation, I create detailed technical sheets (in Khmer and English) which are sent to the weavers. 

This experience allows me to put my textile sensitivity, my creativity and my technical know-how to good use. Working for Soieries du Mékong is a very rich experience, both professional and human. »

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Coco Hellein

(Textile and color expert, “Enthusiastic designer”)

“I was seduced by Soieries du Mékong. It seemed right and obvious to me to share my know-how as a color designer for a committed and supportive brand.

This teamwork of developing harmonic ranges and graphic compositions is a new challenge and a fragile balance between the technical constraints linked to dyeing and artisanal weaving and contemporary design.

I like to think that this sharing of skills between sales manager, stylist, designer and weavers is a Women’s Story. And that this production of stoles and scarves promises autonomy to Mekong artisans and access to school for their children” 

Learn more about Coco here

Coco Hallein de Soieries du Mékong
Sophie Hykes de Soieries du Mékong

Sophie Hykes

(Textile designer, materials, colors)

"For 10 years, I passionately accompanied the extraordinary development of Soieries du Mékong on the design side, taking care to highlight all the richness of hand weaving and that of noble and natural materials, with the complicity of the colorists and weavers from Banteay Chhmar, and thus offer ever richer and more varied collections to our customers.

This collaboration was a magnificent textile and human journey, the memory and lessons of which I treasure today."

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