Mother's Day 2024: 8 solidarity gift ideas

On the occasion of Mother's Day, we offer you a selection of ideas for some solidarity gifts And committed !

Do you want to offer an accessory or a scarf? Discover our selection Mekong silks .

For a decorative, well-being or fashion gift, discover the different brands from the Mékong Connection collective.


Offer a scarf or accessory for Mother's Day: the Silk selection


Silk accessories Soieries du Mekong

Scrunchies, twilly, bracelet, clutches…. all our accessories are made from our silk scraps! " 100% silk,100% upcycled.

They are a good, environmentally friendly way to reuse our scarves and stoles for an elegant result.

chouchou twilly et bracelet en soie rose bleu


Our silk darlings: we love them! They are shiny and take care of our hair, respecting its hydration. You will find them in 6 color variations and sold in a pack of 2, ideal for combining with all your outfits.

Our silk Twillys exist in 7 colors. It’s THE fashion accessory to easily personalize your outfits.

Take for example a little black dress, put a Twilly on the belt, by simply changing the color of the Twilly, you will no longer have 1 but 7 dresses….And did you know that? You can also put them around a bag, a hat, on the wrist, as a headband... We recommend it.


The silk squares

Small format 65X65 cm, medium 70X70 cm or large format 90X90 cm, our silk squares are obviously essentials in our collections. You will find 1001 ways to wear them: headband, neck, cuff, belt, around a bag... There is definitely a style to adopt: to wear for any occasion! 


Rather small format? Choose the squareFrame orange where the square Dotted green and pink color chart (in the colors of the Ladurée house) because at Soieries, the style team is very greedy :) 

carré en soie orange et vert


Rather large format? Opt for our new V squareasarelli nude or fuchsia. Very graphic, it goes well with all outfits and all seasons. 

This format allows you to play with it, for example by wearing it in a “head band” style!


grand carré en soie nude rose


The stoles

United, Asymmetrical...

Our stars are available in several materials (silk, silk and cashmere, silk and linen), several patterns and endless colors. To wear around the neck, as a scarf or on the shoulders, it's THE chic touch to your outfit and there's bound to be the perfect stole to treat yourself to! To enhance an everyday outfit, wedding or festivities of all kinds, the stole is the piece to adopt. 

étoles en soie rose et bleu


No ceremony in perspective? The stole is also ideal for wrapping yourself in softness, even on a summer evening. Because did you know that? Thanks to its isothermal properties, silk cools in summer and insulates in winter. 


“Mixed material” scarves and scarves

Silk-linen, silk-cotton in spring-summer, silk-wool or silk-cashmere in autumn-winter, our collections adapt!

foulard en lin homme et femme

The sunny days are coming back, why not opt for our Nomade model in silk-linen, to wear on the shoulders, around the neck or to cover your head?


foulard en coton femme et homme

Do you prefer silk-cotton? Opt for our Lola model , which will become your best summer companion? She is also very sweet.


Why choose Soieries du Mékong? 

We operate in an isolated region of Cambodia by offering training and work to women so that they and their families can live with dignity.

By choosing Soieries du Mékong, you promote the empowerment of women. 

“Behind every scarf, a women’s story”


Offer a solidarity and committed gift from the brands of the Mékong Connection collective

Mekong Connection is 9 ethical brands (including Soieries du Mékong) committed to Southeast Asia. Here is a selection, if you want to find out more, go to the collective's website.



coussins beige trendethics

A gift for a decoration enthusiast? Discover TrendEthics and their unique cushions made with the know-how of ethnic minorities. Proceeds from the brand are used to support employment and education for minorities in Vietnam.


The house of Vietnam

ensemble à thé maison du vietnam

Mom who loves tea or coffee? Let him discover La Maison du Vietnam . All teas and coffees are produced in a united and equitable approach by small Vietnamese producers.


Studio Rivêt

boucles d'oreilles rouge studio rivêt

To offer original and timeless jewelry, discover Studio Rivêt , a Franco-Vietnamese company dedicated to the design of artisanal objects.


Ngo Shoes

baskets blanches ngo shoes

For a sneaker fan mom choose N'go Shoes . It is the ethical and eco-responsible brand which supports the traditional know-how of Vietnamese artisans from ethnic minorities and which finances the construction of schools in the north of the country.



Do you have other ideas for committed gifts for Mother’s Day? Do not hesitate to share them with us, we will be happy to re-share them with our engaged community. 


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