10 ways to tie a scarf or stole

The scarf is a timeless fashion accessory. For women and men, it can be worn in different ways.

To add a touch of elegance or color to an outfit or to keep you warm in winter, it is the perfect accessory to complete your look.

Here are some inspirations to help you tie your scarf for any occasion, whether it is silk, wool, cashmere, cotton or linen.


How to tie a scarf or light scarf around your neck

Tie a scarf in a “pretzel knot” 

Use a scarf or stole, fold it in half and put it around your neck.

Take one side of your scarf to pass it inside the loop.

Do not pull the section all the way to create a new loop to pass the second section of scarf through.

You get a pretty original bow.


Tie a square scarf in a “cowboy knot”

To do this, use a square scarf and fold it in half.

Position the tip of the triangle in front, go around your neck, and come back to tie the ends at the front.

You can decide to leave the tip of the triangle in front, or turn it to the side. Choose the look you prefer!


Tie a scarf in a casual way: easy!




Simply wrap your scarf around your neck, then tie the two ends in front for a “casual chic” style.

For more originality, you can decide to slide one of the two ends backwards, over your shoulder.


Tie a scarf in a “tie knot”  


Nouer un foulard en noeud cravate


Place your scarf around your neck and tie a knot on one of the front panels.

Pass the other side inside the knot and pull. You get a tie knot.

This knot is sliding, you can adjust the position of the knot: front, side, loose or close to the neck, have fun creating different styles.

If the scarf is long, you can also wrap it around the neck before tying the sliding knot.


Tie a scarf in a “spool knot” 

For this wear, use a sufficiently large square scarf, the 90 cm*90 cm format is perfect.

Join two corners to form a triangle. Fold the tip over, then fold several times to make a strip.

Place the scarf around your neck and take a turn. Take one end of the scarf and wrap it around the area around your neck.

The other end remains at the front. 

No need for a necklace anymore: your scarf replaces it!


Other original ways to tie a scarf

Tie a scarf with a ring: “necklace style” 


Nouer un foulard avec un anneau


Use a ring and place a light scarf around your neck. At the front, pass the ends of the scarf through the ring and fold each side of the scarf towards your neck.

Tie a knot at the back to close your “necklace”.

Here you are with an original necklace and a pretty, elegant bow on the back.


Tie a scarf around your wrist

Nouer un foulard autour du poignet


Use a square of silk, bandana format or 65 by 65 cm.

Fold it in half to make a triangle then fold several times to make a strip.

Wrap the band around the wrist and tie a nice knot after one or two turns.

You can combine this silk bracelet with other jewelry.


Tie a scarf as a belt

To dress up a dress or more casually in the loops of your pants: nothing is easier than using your scarf as a belt.

It will be the chic or personalized touch of your garment.



Wear a scarf as a bustier or top in summer

Don't know what to wear? Have you thought about transforming a scarf into a bustier or top to wear on the beach in the summer?

For the bustier, use a square of silk of the same size, fold it in half to make a triangle that will tie at the back like a bustier.

Nouer un foulard en bustier


For the top, use a 90 x 90 cm square of silk, fold it in half to make a triangle. Take the two main points of the triangle to tie the scarf around your neck. Come and tie the points of the base of the triangle in the back. Do not hesitate to get help, this operation could be delicate. 


Nouer un foulard en top


Tie a scarf to personalize your handbag

Wrapped around a handle of your handbag or simply tied, the scarf can be used to bring a touch of novelty and color to your handbag. Personalize it according to your tastes and desires to make it a unique accessory.


There are several ways to tie your large scarves and light scarves, depending on your desires, the occasions or even according to the seasons and colors.

Whether around your neck or to accessorize your outfit, leave room for your inspiration!


Do you have other ideas to share with us? Do not hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to hear from you and relay them!


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