Svoeuy Sreytol, a determined woman

Svoeuy shares his story with us today. Through this strong personality, discover some stages of the production of Soieries du Mékong products.

A life in Banteay Chmar...

Svoeuy Sreytol was born in Banteay Chmar. Coming from a modest background, she attended high school and today works in her native village. She lives with her family in a typical Khmer house, made of dark wood and built on stilts. In this house live his parents, his two sisters and his three brothers. Svoeuy is very respectful towards her parents.

The importance given to family and respect for elders are part of Cambodian culture.

Une jeune femme heureuse de son travail et de l'opportunité offerte par Soieries du Mékong

The different missions of his work…

Svoeuy works on preparing the looms where she takes care of several stages of production. First, winding, which involves winding silk threads onto spools or bobbins, is her favorite. She can in fact stop and start again whenever she wants without being forced to start again each time or to keep her attention fixed for long hours. She also works on warping. This is the step after winding to arrange the silk threads next to each other, to a width determined in advance and in the order they will occupy on the scarf. This is a long step and requires being very meticulous.

La préparation des métiers a tissé fait partie intégrante de l'art du tissage cambodgien

Energy to spend in your free time...

Svoeuy is a young woman full of enthusiasm and energy. She likes contact and takes every opportunity to meet people and spend time with the people around her. She is very popular at the Soieries du Mékong workshop and spends part of her free time surrounded by her colleagues and friends.

Outside of his professional life, Svoeuy takes care of his family. She takes care of her nephew and maintains her house. But as soon as someone takes over, she can take the opportunity to go surfing Facebook, dancing at the pagoda (Buddhist temple) or walking in the fields after a long day of work. Then when night begins to fall, she meets her friends to go to dinner.

Soieries du Mékong offre aux femme l'opportunité de s'élever socialement grâce à un salaire parfois plus élevé que leur mari

Dreams of travel...

Svoeuy has always lived in the small village of Banteay Chmar but she dreams of discovering new horizons. His biggest wish would be to go and visit Sihanoukville by plane, a seaside town in the south of Cambodia. She could see the sea, walk on the beach and taste fish and seafood. But this dream, which may seem so simple to achieve, cannot come true for the moment. Svoeuy's presence is essential for his family. Here, family responsibilities are essential!

Well surrounded by her friends and family, Svoeuy flourishes in her work where she combines patience and determination. It establishes a real climate of conviviality in the company.

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