Ceremonies: chic stoles for chic weddings!

The season of festivities, ceremonies, weddings... is fast approaching. We are very happy to share with you some ideas for accessorizing your outfit.

Soieries du Mékong is recognized for the delicacy of its silk stoles and scarves, perfect for these occasions.

If our silk stoles or shawls are well known for embellishing your chic outfits for a ceremony, our other products such as silk or twilly squares are a little less so.

In this article, we offer you an overview of our stoles, silk squares and twilly, perfect for a dressy outfit. On the program: delicacy of silk and depth of colors…


Silk shawl or stole for a wedding, the traditional silk stole: an essential!

The silk stole is the perfect accessory to add a touch of chic to your outfit. Quality of the material and delicacy of the drape combine elegantly.

Over the years, the silk stole has become a timeless staple of the Soieries du Mékong collections.

Available in several weaving qualities and several colors, our artisans put their know-how to work for more than 12 hours to create these large silk stoles and shawls.


Etole cérémonie et châle en soie

The traditional plain silk stole : the first model in the Soieries du Mékong collections and available in many colors, the plain silk stole is essential for a dressy outfit.


The plain stole in fine silk : here we play with transparency, this stole is extremely delicate. It's a real silk veil that envelops you in finesse.


The dotted stole : worked like a false plain, this stole plays with the weaving to reveal a play of dotted lines which are in reality the alternation of warp threads and weft threads of very close colors without being identical. The dotted weave gives it an incredible soft drape. 

To be worn on the shoulders as a shawl or around the neck, the silk stole perfectly complements a formal outfit or a "chic look" for a wedding!


The silk square: the accessory that adapts to all your desires

An elegant and practical format: the “so chic” square silk scarf!

The silk square has the advantage of being adaptable, allowing for numerous wears. You can twist your outfits and wear it for any occasion!



carré en soie

Soieries du Mékong offers two formats of silk squares in its collections:


  • the 70x70 square silk scarf: this small silk square can be worn in the hair to create different hairstyles, around the neck, as a handbag accessory, or as a belt.


  • the 90x90 square silk scarf: larger and majestic, this large silk square is generally worn around the neck, but you can also wear it as a belt and even as a bustier.


Color chart , Frame , Vasarelli , dotted color chart ...discover our different squares on our site.


Silk twilly: the perfect accessory for a formal outfit

The latest addition to our collections, at Soieries du Mékong, the silk Twilly rhymes with “re-use”: our silk scraps are used to make these clever little silk accessories.


The silk twilly is the perfect accessory for a wedding or for any other ceremony: as a scarf to tie in the hair, as a belt around the waist, to accessorize a hat, as a muff...the ideas are endless!


twilly en soie



For hairstyle ideas with a scarf , find our blog article on the subject.

For inspiration on how to wear a scarf, our article “ 10 ways to tie a scarf or scarf ” will surely give you some ideas.


Send us your “looks” in Mekong Silks, we will be so happy to read you and share them with our weavers!


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