2009: inauguration of our workshop


Photo de notre atelier à Banteay Chhmar où la soie file à toute vitesse

In 2001, Enfants du Mékong, in partnership with another NGO, Espoir en Soie, created the Soieries du Mékong project, a silk weaving training center, in order to train young women who had stopped going to school. and to revalorize the know-how of weaving, which tends to disappear in rural areas.

Enfants du Mékong est l'un de nos soutiens depuis la création de Soieries : merci à eux

The social mission of Soieries du Mékong is to promote the empowerment of women in rural Cambodia by training them in silk weaving and offering them sustainable work, promoting their know-how.

 La culture cambodgienne vit au sein de nos ateliers

During the first years, the project was run by volunteers from the association with the aim of bringing in funds for Cambodian projects through the sale of scarves.

Soieries du Mékong est implantée à Bnateay Chhmar depuis sa création

In 2009, Soieries du Mékong became a social enterprise. Enfants du Mékong Rest is the statutory majority shareholder of Soieries du Mékong and is thus a guarantor of respect for the social mission.

To support this development, Soieries du Mékong inaugurated its new center in Banteay Chmar. This is where the coloring, preparation of the looms, finishing are carried out and where the weavers are trained.

Inauguration du centre il y a plus de 10 ans 

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